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Miss U.S. U 36 Progress

Posted on June 6, 2012 at 5:45 PM

To those having an interest in U 36;


We are in the final steps of the paint work with the final wet sanding using 3000 grit paper today to be followed by the buff of the entire topsides tomorrow. Rub rails are going on this evening and will begin final assembly of the cockpit and tail. Both have already been trial fit and should go on rather quickly. Thanks to Peggy and Fred Alter we now have a nice cleaver prop and will give it the go to see what we have. The plan is to apply the graphics to the decks and sponsons a week from today (Tuesday), lift her back onto the trailer on Wednesday and leave for Chamberlain, South Dakota Thursday evening for the race event there on the 16th and 17th. We now have a Dodge one ton dually with the Cummins engine which I believe will pull the rig very nicely.


After some earlier concern about APBA insurance covering an unlimited at Chamberlain we have been cleared to run event as an insured boat. Dutch Squires is the representative for this event and has been very helpful in making sure all bases are covered to allow this boat to run. The plan one day prior to the race program beginning on Saturday is to crane launch her on Friday morning one day prior to the race program, to check for water leaks. If all good, the first test hop will be on Friday afternoon. It is a one mile course which is rather short for an unlimited but we will be running at reduced speeds so the mile course should be no problem. We mainly want to see how she gets on plane, how she corners at lower speeds, how the rings seat in the Allison and in general, how all the systems function. Hopefully we have done our jobs well and she will perform as expected.


We are very much looking forward to this event. John Freemen out of Alex Bay, New York tells me he will be there to help crew the boat. It is a great honor to have such an experienced, know legible person with an extensive background with piston unlimiteds willing to help us less than experts. For those of you who may not know, John was Bob Schroeder’s close friend who worked with Bob during his years behind the wheel of various unlimiteds. John is a highly technical person who told me he never got in an unlimited and never will. I guess it’s a good thing there are those of us dumb enough to want to or there would be no unlimiteds to see run. The only thing that worries me is something John said when he was here in Omaha looking at the boat: “The bilge sure looks clean—“. I suspect that is not the norm and that U 36 may well become the norm in Chamberlain. I so look forward to cleaning up that mess. If you've ever tried to even see under an installed Allison, you know of what I speak.




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